State Senate District 28


Colorado deserves better.

Why are hard-working families still struggling? If you want someone to fight for equity, not just equality, join me.


Meet Giugi

Maria-Vittoria "Giugi" Carminati is an advocate, activist, entrepreneur, and a mother of four. She is a vocal advocate for social justice and reform, as well as a pragmatist. She is data driven and results oriented. She has the heart of a fighter, the mind of a scientist, and the courage of her convictions. Her law firm, The Woman's Lawyer, focuses on helping vulnerable populations in situations where the odds are stacked against them. Giugi also continues to practice commercial litigation in a people-focused practice.

Giugi currently serves on the Colorado Community College Systems Board of Directors and is the Colorado Bar Association's Representative to the ABA House of Delegates. She was also Colorado Captain for Lawyer Moms of America, a mobilization of lawyer moms opposing family separation at the border.

Giugi speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish. She is doing her best to learn Portuguese.

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  • Housing

    • I will work to ensure that our residents can rent and buy housing in their communities. Learn more.

  • Childcare

    • Daycares rarely cost less than $200/week per child. This is untenable. Affordable childcare will be one of Giugi's top priorities as a legislator. Learn more.

  • Career & Technical Education

    • Giugi is committed to ensuring access to affordable and financially beneficial educational options for all Coloradoans.

  • Health

    • More can be done to make sure that all of us can access affordable and effective health insurance plans. Regardless of how Washington treats the issue, the State has to be strong in its commitment to ensuring that catastrophic events don't upend families' years of financial efforts and sacrifice.

  • Environment

    • Whether it be Climate Change or oil & gas exploitation, Giugi commits to fighting for a healthier Colorado.

  • Criminal Justice Reform

    • The criminal justice system has done women and people of color a tremendous disservice. Giugi will fight, as she already does, for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence and will continue efforts to address inequities.



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